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Based on the use of bird-calls our educative toys are unique worldwide and allow one to learn to recognise birds by their song, to communicate with them, discover and observe them… For a quarter of a century we have been inventing, producing and diffusing educative games for pleasure and because we feel that one must “know nature better so as better to protect it”. Slowly and conscientiously created, made of choice materials following craftsmen’s methods, our bird-calls can imitate almost fifty different species of birds. Individual boxes, boxed sets, the bird-call guide, the recordings of everyday birds, etc. make of our collection a complete unit which is described in the pages which follow. We have put our whole heart into the conception of our nature toys and we hope that those who handle them will use them to good intent. Moreover we retain the right to refuse to supply people who cannot fully guarantee their respect for nature. Now that everything has been said, we are here to listen to you, at your disposal